01 November 16 - Santa Home Visits!!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

With Christmas only round the corner Santa is getting ready in his Grotto making sure all his elves are working hard to get all the toys ready for Christmas eve so he can go out and deliver them to all the children around the world!

We have been in touch with father Christmas and he says he can spare sometime during the busy Christmas time to come to Manchester and visit the Children at their own home!!

When he arrives at your home, your will child will hear the jingle bells that are attached to his boots and his loud HO HO HO as he walks into your home, he will sit down and talk about what the north pole is like this time of the year, what his elves are up to making all the new toys and talk about his favorite reindeer and naming all of them!

This Visit is sure to bring magic into your home and will be talked about for years to come! He will even bring his very own magic key that he will show your child how he gets in if you don't have a chimney!

If you would like to book then please contact us on 07548919888, you can check out pictures of our Santa here.

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