Entrance - We need a clear entrance to get our bouncy castle into your garden, when rolled up our inflatables can fit through normal gates, as long as you can get a bin through it will be OK.

Inflatables need electric - please make sure there is electric within twenty-five meters of where our inflatable is going. If not, please tell us at the time of booking. Please ensure if you are using secondary electric supplies or old halls, that the power is sufficient for what you are hiring. A standard blower is 1.5 hp. jungle jacks cannot be held responsible if your electric supply is not strong enough or for any damage caused as a result.

Suitable surfaces to put our inflatable on - our inflatables like fairly flat areas. If outdoors, they like to sit on grass or if big enough, it is possible to lay them on hard standing areas, such as patios or decking. Please let us know at time of booking as we will need to bring sandbags as opposed to pegs. Our inflatables cannot go just on soil as they will become very soiled.

Refusal - We have the right to refuse any castle booking on the day if you are not in, there is not enough clear access, the ground is not reasonably flat and clear from dog mess, stones, glass, sharp objects, garden furniture, overhanging trees, or where we think the castle will not be safely operated.

Supervision - please ensure there is a designated person supervising our inflatable at all times. This is subject to our terms and conditions written by our insurers.

Safe amount of users per unit.
14ft x 12ft no more than 6 children under 11 years no taller than the walls, at any one time.
15ft x 15ft no more than 8 children under 15 years of age no taller than the walls, at any one time.
16ft x 19ft no more than 10 children (of similar age group) but under 15 years old, at any one time. No more than 8 adults at any one time.

If you are unsure of the number of users please phone our office. 07938 905 023

We advise all inflatables should be looked at by a knowledgeable party, i.e. manufacturer or repairer, once every fourteen months.

Obstacle course

Two users at any one time in one direction only.

Inflatable Slides

On larger slides we advise an operator at the platform to prevent users jumping down and horseplay. We also advise an operator at the bottom as well.

Terms and Conditions

Please check out our Terms and conditions - you will be required to sign them on the day.

Public Liability Insurance

Although our inflatables are insured, we do not take responsibility caused by neglect or lack of supervision from a responsible adult at all times.